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   Believing that video description can assist with an understanding of complex issues, I have created this site to provide relatively short descriptions of leading cases. I say ‘relatively’ because my aim is to go beyond the usual summary of facts and ratio to include some detail of the reasoning and context behind the judgments.

While my first aim is to enhance students’ knowledge of particular cases, my wider ambition is to encourage an insight into the nature of law and legal concepts through the contextual reading of case law.

The cases have been chosen with undergraduate law students in mind particularly those studying at the University of Surrey.

In some instances, as well as the case analysis, I have provided a description of relevant concepts in a connected blog. Where possible I have also included a link to the law report.

I hope you find the site of some assistance – any comments or feedback feel free to contact me by using the form on the contact page:

If there is a case you would like explained please let me know.





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